The Lineup


Veronika Scott University of Michigan Entrepalooza


Veronika Scott 

Keynote speaker

Founder & CEO of the Empowerment Plan

Entrepalooza 2016 kicks off with a keynote address from Veronika Scott, Founder & CEO of the Empowerment Plan. 

Veronika Scott has built an entrepreneurial organization that began around a single idea: to design a coat specifically for the homeless. The coat is self-heated, waterproof, and transforms into a sleeping bag at night. That idea has now transformed into a system of empowerment in which homeless women are paid to learn how to produce coats for people living on the streets, giving them an opportunity to earn money, find a place to live, and gain back their independence for themselves and their families.

For her extraordinary efforts, Veronika was named a “CNN Hero” by the network in 2016.