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The Zell Lurie Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies is an innovative real-world approach combined with the Business School’s traditional management excellence to encourage and nurture students in preparing for entrepreneurial careers to succeed, autonomously or in a corporate setting, as leaders for new venture creation and growth.


The Center for Entrepreneurship provides action-focused experiences through classes, programs and training that are designed to teach the skills needed to successfully translate high-potential projects and ideas into the world. In learning these skills, individuals become better prepared to identify and act on opportunities to solve problems in any organization or entrepreneurial endeavour.

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The School of Public Health Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship program’s goal is to focus on the creation, nurturing and sharing of ideas, approaches, concepts and prototypes which will help create dramatic improvements to the public’s health. SPH recognizes the need for supporting public health research and seeks to provide an environment for stimulating innovation.


The School of Information Entrepreneurship Program is a community that empowers people at the School of Information to build a better world by employing entrepreneurial skills to turn their ideas into impact. United by our passion for the fundamental intertwining of people, information and technology, and strengthened by our diverse backgrounds, we strive to create a supportive environment which inspires creativity, confidence and resilience.


As the University of Michigan’s gateway to entrepreneurship and innovation, Innovate Blue helps turn ideas into action by supporting, connecting, and expanding the Michigan entrepreneurial network and community. With more than 15 centers and programs in entrepreneurship and more than 30 entrepreneurial student organizations, University of Michigan programs deliver one of the best and broadest engaged learning experiences on entrepreneurship.


The School of Music, Theatre and Dance EXCEL Program provides entrepreneurship training and career services for all U-M students engaged in the performing arts. Our goal is to enable all our students to forge a viable career in the performing arts by exploring, developing and leveraging their talents, training, skills, and ambitions.

Excellence in Entrepreneurship, Career Empowerment & Leadership (EXCEL) catalyzes success for U-M SMTD students and alumni through courses, co-curricular workshops, ongoing mentoring, and $100,000 in student project and venture funding.


MPowered Entrepreneurship is a student organization at the University of Michigan dedicated to exposing students to entrepreneurship. The goal of MPowered is two-fold: one, to bring out the few courageous self-starters among us to begin their entrepreneurial journey, and two, to spread their bold passion to the rest of the U-M community.


The Entrepalooza website was built and designed by students from the School of Information Design Clinic. At the Clinic, we strive to help Ann Arbor’s local community of entrepreneurs and organizations by providing them with the design experience they need to succeed.