Friday, September 22, 2017

8:30 AM


 9:00 AM


9:15 AM

Registration and Continental Breakfast - Michigan League Concourse
Welcome and Presentation of the Zell Lurie Scholars

Stewart Thornhill
, Executive Director,
Zell Lurie Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies

Michigan League Ballroom

Keynote Speaker
Veronika Scott, Founder & CEO of the Empowerment Plan 

Michigan League Ballroom

10:15 AM

Networking Break
Michigan League Concourse

10:30 - 11:30 AM

Workshops - First Session

Workshop I - Startup Law 101: Legal Issues for Entrepreneurs 
What legal entity should I use? What is an operating agreement and do I need one? Do I need copyright protection? What do I have to do to register my business? What about taxes? At this interactive workshop, you will learn about a wide range of  legal matters from formation to financing. Legal expert, Joe Morrison of Bodman, will walk you through your top legal questions and more!

Workshop II - Alternatives to Adobe: Opensource Applications
As Adobe Creative Cloud applications can be expensive - even with a student discount - come discover free open source alternatives. These programs give bootstrapping startups options they might otherwise not have when creating logos, websites, brochures, photos, and more.
*We do not recommend these programs as replacements for programs students might need for class.

Workshop III - Bootstrapping Basics: Launching on (Very) Little
Most startup founders spend a significant amount of their own money to finance their venture’s first-year operating costs. Startup funds end up being sourced from savings accounts, credit cards, or friends and family. In this session, you’ll discover how successful entrepreneurs grew from meager means. Discover low-cost to free resources, products, and services which will save you money. Having a roadmap of your expenses ahead will enable you to build and grow your company or organization without a fatal surprise that ends in “game over.”

11:30 - 11:45 AM

Networking Break
Michigan League Concourse and Hussey Room

11:45 AM - 12:45 PM

Workshops I, II, III Repeat


12:45-2:00 PM

Lunch and Learn
Hussey Room