9/20/13 Entrepalooza 2013: Accelerate You.A successful entrepreneurial venture requires a basic recipe—time, talent, and tenacity. And the best entrepreneurs are those who take these ingredients and innovate solutions with value.  

Most new ventures are not the startup unicorns we see in the media. All successful businesses start as fledgling startups, often by entrepreneurs who understand that the formula for starting a new business is actually quite simple—like a basic recipe. 

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or not, understanding the ingredients for a successful startup helps you to build a strong entrepreneurial mindset. Entrepalooza 2018 will explore Recipes for Entrepreneurial Success to help you solve issues, problems, and challenges you may face as an entrepreneur or as an entrepreneurial member of an existing organization.

Entrepalooza is a campus-wide symposium celebrating entrepreneurship through interactive learning opportunities for students, alumni, and the community. Since its inception in 1999, this annual event attracts hundreds of attendees each year with a variety of content and programming that continues to encourage exploration of entrepreneurship. The theme changes year-to-year, reflecting industry trends and introducing relevant entrepreneurial topics. Workshops and panel discussions are facilitated by experts that share insights on issues facing today’s entrepreneurs and attendees gain knowledge and skills that are keys to success in startup culture. Previous events have included an emphasis on creativity, technology and social impact in business, with inspirational keynotes and sessions. This collaborative program engages the broad campus community and generates excitement about opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs from all background and disciplines.