9/20/13 Entrepalooza 2013: Accelerate You.Entrepreneurship involves solving a lot of problems. And the best entrepreneurs are those who think creatively and innovate solutions with value.  

If you’ve ever solved a problem, chances are you’re creative. You created something from nothing; found a solution to something that wasn’t there before. Creativity and creating solutions are a huge part of the entrepreneur’s toolkit.

Creativity not only helps ignite an initial idea, but it’s also crucial in solving the issues and challenges entrepreneurs face in growing an idea into a real venture. Creativity through entrepreneurship is about assessing a situation, designing alternatives, and choosing a new way - or a combination of ways - that will lead to something better.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or not, creativity helps you build a more entrepreneurial mindset. Entrepalooza 2016 will explore Creativity Through Entrepreneurship to help you solve issues, problems, challenges, that you may face as an entrepreneur or even as an entrepreneurial member of an existing organization.